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From Werner Trobin <>
Subject Thrift vs. Python 3
Date Mon, 18 Jun 2012 09:44:57 GMT

    I've successfully used Thrift on Python 2.7 projects, but
unfortunately I'm locked to Python 3 for a new project and I'd like to
use Thrift. Due to all the str()/unicode() changes in Python 3, it
obviously does not work out of the box.

While I can not offer a "clean" patch for parallel Python 2 and 3
support, I've done some chainsaw-editing and ported the code to Python
3. Currently it passes all test cases, but fastbinary.c has not been
ported yet and there are a few rough edges here and there. It's
definitely not ready to be included in the mainline, but might serve
as a starting point for others.

In case anyone is interested, you can find the fork on


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