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From "Roger Meier" <>
Subject AW: Trying to building Thrift 0.9.0 with MinGW64 on Windows
Date Thu, 15 Nov 2012 22:44:30 GMT
Most people use Visual Studio to build the library, I have never tried to
use MinGW64.

We use mingw to compile the Apache Thrift Compiler for Windows on Linux, see

Please let us know how it works if get it up and running.

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> Gesendet: Donnerstag, 15. November 2012 09:20
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> Betreff: RE: Trying to building Thrift 0.9.0 with MinGW64 on Windows
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> I can't answer all of your questions and can only contribute a small bit,
but for
> #2, be aware that I've successfully compiled Thrift against Boost 1.48 and
> later. Not sure about the earlier variants though.
> Good luck!
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> From: Billy Charlton []
> Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2012 10:58 PM
> To:
> Subject: Trying to building Thrift 0.9.0 with MinGW64 on Windows
> I've been struggling to build Thrift 0.9.0 on Windows 7 (64bit) using the
> MinGW64 toolchain. I understand this is not a fully supported platform,
> since Windows is supported, 64bit is supported, and GNU compilers are
> supported, I figured I would try to combine all three :-)
> I have read every web page that Google reveals on building Thrift for
> Windows, but this combination of platforms and compilers seems
> problematic.
> So, here are a few questions, if anyone out there has some experience with
> this:
> 1) Does it matter which version of GCC I use to build?  I've tried 4.7 but
> doesn't work well with older versions of Boost; I'm currently using 4.5.
> 2) Is there a preferred version of the Boost threading library that works
> with Thrift? I've tried Boost 1.51, 1.40, 1.43... but no matter which
version I
> use, even if I can compile Boost itself I then get many errors building
> 3) Specific error messages during build point to problems with type
> "pthread_t" not being found.  If I configure Thrift with "--enable-
> boostthreads" I thought it would not use that because of macros which
> define USE_BOOST_THREAD.  But apparently that's not getting defined?
>  I can provide more details on the error logs if someone wants to hear
> it.
> If I can get this to compile successfully I will definitely document my
> recipe-style so that others can benefit from this work.
> Cheers,
> Billy
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