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From "Knick, Scott E CTR USARMY RCERT-EUR (US)" <>
Subject TNonblockingServer: overload condition begun (UNCLASSIFIED)
Date Fri, 09 Nov 2012 14:43:46 GMT
Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: FOUO

Sorry if this has already been asked, but I couldn't find an option for searching the mailing
list archives.

I am using a TNonblockingServer instance in my C++ program. On a different 64-bit Linux system,
this worked fine and all of my unit testing passed. However, a requirement has forced me to
make a 32-bit build of the program, so I did so on a 32-bit Linux system for simplicity's
sake. Everything builds well, the usual output is given from the program, but then when I
run my unit test, it blows up with an error I don't follow and I get a segmentation fault
(the last line is when this occurs):

Thrift: Fri Nov  9 15:40:11 2012 TNonblockingServer: Serving on port 61234, 1 io threads.
Thrift: Fri Nov  9 15:40:11 2012 TNonblockingServer: using libevent 2.0.16-stable method epoll
Thrift: Fri Nov  9 15:40:11 2012 TNonblocking: IO thread #0 registered for listen.
Thrift: Fri Nov  9 15:40:11 2012 TNonblocking: IO thread #0 registered for notify.
Thrift: Fri Nov  9 15:40:11 2012 TNonblockingServer: IO thread #0 entering loop... 
Thrift: Fri Nov  9 15:40:37 2012 TNonblockingServer: overload condition begun.

The stack trace shows:

Thread [1] 2814 [core: 0] (Suspended : Signal : SIGSEGV:Segmentation fault)	
	apache::thrift::server::TNonblockingServer::TConnection::init() at 0x5a2233	
	apache::thrift::server::TNonblockingServer::createConnection() at 0x5a341f	
	apache::thrift::server::TNonblockingServer::handleEvent() at 0x5a7770	
	apache::thrift::server::TNonblockingIOThread::listenHandler() at 0x5aa91c	
	event_base_loop() at 0x5c2ce9	
	apache::thrift::server::TNonblockingIOThread::run() at 0x5a4f18	
	apache::thrift::server::TNonblockingServer::serve() at 0x5a6022	
	apache::thrift::server::TServer::run() at TServer.h:112 0x8065e06	
	main() at main.cpp:171 0x8063e80	

What is going on? My code that uses the TNonblockingServer is simple enough:

    boost::shared_ptr<Remedy> handler(new Remedy());
    boost::shared_ptr<thrift::TProcessor> processor(new Apeface::RemedyProcessor(handler));
    boost::shared_ptr<thrift::protocol::TProtocolFactory> protocolFactory(new thrift::protocol::TBinaryProtocolFactory());
    boost::shared_ptr<thrift::concurrency::ThreadManager> threadManager = thrift::concurrency::ThreadManager::newSimpleThreadManager();
    boost::shared_ptr<thrift::concurrency::PosixThreadFactory> threadFactory = boost::shared_ptr<thrift::concurrency::PosixThreadFactory>(new
    thrift::server::TNonblockingServer server(processor,
    serverPtr = &server;;

Scott Knick

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: FOUO

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