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From Randy Abernethy <>
Subject Re: thrift compile to CPython objects?
Date Wed, 24 Apr 2013 19:30:53 GMT
Hello John,

Have you guys tried the fastbinary protocol or twisted?

Having the Thrift compiler emit C++ to compile into a Python library with
PyObjects for the Client/Server stubs and structs would be interesting.
These could in turn use the existing C++ lib for protocols and transports
making everything after the method call on the Python client compiled
code. There is no such support in the Thrift main branch but it is possible
someone somewhere has done it, though I have not see such a thing. Would
be great to hear how it works for you guys if you take a crack at it.


On 4/24/2013 4:25 AM, John R. Frank wrote:
> Thrift Developers,
> We have noticed that reading (deserializing) messages in python is 
> ~100x slower than deserializing the exact same data in C++.  Is this 
> expected? (I can provide examples, if useful.)
> Is there a better compilation flag to use than py:new_style,slots
> Seems like it would be possible/useful to compile directly to PyObject 
> structures
> Does this exist or has anyone looked into it?
> jrf

Randy Abernethy
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