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From Glenn Pierce <>
Subject Re: Proxy Thrift call
Date Thu, 06 Jun 2013 09:44:49 GMT
I'm not really looking for load balancing or any advanced routing.
I guess its really to aid in a the design pattern of my app.
My application consists on many small servers (plugins) and one main
thrift interface server.
So far these server have not had to talk to clients directly until now.

I would like to provide a Thrift interface for one subserver but I
don''t want clients to know about about all
these small servers. The main server should provide a facade interface
that simply forwards
calls to the the correct server.

On 5 June 2013 21:49, Mike Stanley <> wrote:
> I'm not entirely clear how much "intelligent routing" you want to do and
> how much call context you want to incorporate into your routing.   For
> basic routing/load balancing, you should be able to use any TCP proxy.   We
> route all our TCP thrift calls through Amazon's Load Balancer.  we just
> needed to bump the client connection timeout slightly to compensate (by
> default, the client library we were using had a very short connection
> timeout).
> anything beyond this, I'd imagine you are venturing into application
> specific layers.
> i'm just guessing though as I haven't done anything but proxy.   and given
> service per-port we are able to get as flexible as we need to in our
> deployment architecture.
> i'd be curious to know more about what you are thinking of doing.
> On Jun 5, 2013 7:32 AM, "Glenn Pierce" <>
> wrote:
>> Hi can anyone think of a way to proxy a a thrift call.
>> Essentially what I want is for client calls on a "master" server to
>> forward the request on to other designated servers.
>> I was thinking of overriding
>> Transport and Server to forward certain calls on.
>> I guess I would have to override protocol as well to get the name of
>> the method (to see if it requires forwarding)
>> Can anyone see problems with this approach ? Are there better ways ?
>> Thanks

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