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From Youssef Hatem <>
Subject Thrift Compiler Support for UTF-8
Date Wed, 04 Sep 2013 14:21:05 GMT
I wrote some scripts to automate the process of compiling Thrift IDLs and put the generated
classes in the correct locations of my Visual Studio C# project. I write the IDLs in Visual
Studio and they are under its source control system.

The problem is that files generated by Visual Studio are in UTF-8 format. Trying to compile
such files doesn't work since Thrift compiler doesn't support this format (I managed to convert
the input file to ASCII (using a temporary file) before compiling it, but this approach will
probably be very complicated if I use the "include" statement in the IDL).

Is there any work around for this problem?

The compiler version is 0.9.

Best regards,
Youssef Hatem

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