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From Phillip Simbwa <>
Subject Re: Thrift vs JSON/HTTP for new service
Date Tue, 27 Jan 2015 18:59:51 GMT
Personally, I usually develop the Thrift services first and 'layer on' a
JSON/HTTP interface to support integration with third party systems built
by other developers who don't fancy Thrift.

So, technically; I deliver two APIs. And depending on the expertise of the
integrator, they choose which one they want to speak to.

On 27 January 2015 at 21:27, Gallagher Polyn <>

> I am unsure whether to specify a new service in terms of Thrift or
> I have read an elaboration by an original Thrift author, Mark Slee, of
> relevant decision points on this matter,* including expected gain from the
> advantages of strong typing, performance, serialization efficiency.
> versioning support and server implementation, but I do not know how assess
> those relative benefits for my new service, now.
> Allowing an even chance that the benefits of a Thrift service
> implementation would later be judged superior to JSON/HTTP, is it still
> preferable to specify the service (test specs) in terms of JSON/HTTP and
> migrate later? Or, alternatively, might it be better to specify Thrift
> services and 'layer on' a JSON/HTTP interface?
> *
> <
> >

- Phillip.

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