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From "David Bennett" <>
Subject Thrift as an API for Andl
Date Tue, 08 Sep 2015 11:58:16 GMT

I'm new to Thrift. I want to use it to implement a remoting API for a relational database
language called Andl. See web site for details.

First: my platform is Windows C#. I found a few problems with setting up Thrift due to errors
in the CSharp parts of the tutorial and related project files. I'm happy to raise issues for
them if anyone is interested, but I don't really know Thrift well yet or how best to do that.

Second: I don't expect to have too much difficulty in writing a Thrift server to suit my purposes,
but it's an asymmetric situation. Any user of Andl who wanted to use the Thrift interface
would have to install and use Thrift (as well as my Andl/Thrift server), and I want to make
sure that barrier to entry is as low as possible. IOW I write the server but they write the
client; I get to work hard so they don't have to. I wondered if you could point me to any
other projects doing something like this so I could get some tips on how best to approach

Third: As a kind of test of the above I wrote a Java client. I found that I was unable to
load a jar file from the Thrift site (but I found it on the Central Repository). Then I found
that the generated code had a dependency on a logging package. Then I had problems working
out where to put the generated code, relative to the other source. This is the kind of friction
I'm worried about. Comments?

David M Bennett FACS

Andl - A New Database Language -

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