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From "David Bennett" <>
Subject RE: How to return more than one value in a Thrift service method?
Date Mon, 05 Oct 2015 23:32:20 GMT
I just thought I'd respond to a couple of these. Most of them I know nothing about (anything
to do with JavaScript).

>>>Why there's no inheritance of struct's in Thrift?

Thrift has composition, which is the proper solution for the problem. Inheritance would be
a mistake, and should not appear on any wishlist.

>>>Why Thrift has no obvious way to define methods on client (i.e. server to client

Major feature request. Please implement and submit patch.

>>>Why C# runtime is blocking and single-threaded?

Only true of the default. There are other C# servers provided, including multi-threaded and/or

>>>Why sequence id is always zero?

Because it isn't used.

>>>Why does csharp:async imply that I have a fresh version of C#, while it could've
been done with callbacks?

Major feature request. IMHO async is the way to go.

>>>Why feature support table was updated two years ago?
>>>Where's proper API documentation?
>>>Haven't you find more ancient technologies to get feedback?
>>>Why I've got no answer?

These are all requests for volunteers to do more unpaid work. Do it yourself. 

>>>Why did I have to report an issue via maillist that spams my inbox every day?

You subscribed, so it isn't spam and traffic is quite low. Issues raised through the proper
channels tend to get a response, in my (limited) experience.

>>>What should I do with `version.h` in Visual Studio, finally?

What's the problem? Submit an issue.

>>>Personally I'd better write my own serialization library than patch thrift once
more. In a span of last two months I've rewritten C#, JS and JSON generators and runtime libraries
due to numerous bugs and missing features. The real question is if Gajanan H wants to fix
the library that is certainly not ready for even basic usage.

That would be a seriously dumb idea, while contributing work to be used by others would be
the pinnacle of open source cooperation and contribution.

Seriously, Thrift addresses a subset of a major problem that not all that many people have
or even care about. It has seriously elegant solutions to parts of the problem, and a heap
of loose ends. It will deliver usable results to people (like myself) who don't want to write
client code in unfamiliar languages, at the cost of compromises in several areas. It's good,
but it ain't great. Our contributions are needed if it is be so.

But you have my sympathy on the documentation side. If there is one place a contributing major
company could really make a difference, it's by subsidising some work on the documentation.
 *** Anyone listening out there??? ***

David M Bennett FACS

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