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From Matt Chambers <>
Subject Re: Does Thrift interoperate with Java beans?
Date Tue, 06 Oct 2015 01:07:15 GMT

It would be great if we could add java annotations to properties and stuff, it wouldn’t
be a hard patch to do I don’t think.  One thing I’d particularly like would be the ability
to change the implementation of a list or map, for example if I wanted to force LinkedHashMap
where the order of the elements matter. 

I tend to keep the thrift stuff separate from the application internals.  I have a set of
lighter weight classes I use for internal business logic.  I can stop using thrift and business
logic doesn’t have to change.  I like it this way.  For a little extra work I get some speed
and flexibility, plus I can hold a lot more of these little internal objects in memcached.
 My thrift structs generally have every property the client side might need (and it can be
large amounts of data) but the internal classes just have the unique Id and maybe one or two
other immutable fields. 


> On Oct 5, 2015, at 7:37 PM, David Bennett <> wrote:
> I have some lumps of code in different languages that I'd like to get to talk to each
other. The server is OK, but the client code makes heavy use of Java beans.
> My question, to those who knows a lot more about Java than I do, is whether there is
some clever way to get Thrift and Java beans to play together, or whether this is an invitation
to getter/setter hell?
> Regards
> David M Bennett FACS
> Andl - A New Database Language -

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