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From BCG <>
Subject Re: Read/write version of TSimpleJSONProtocol
Date Tue, 12 Jan 2016 22:11:30 GMT
The main issue probably is that TSimpleJSONProtocol erases information 
that is critical to reading uses Thrift's standard semantics; for 
example TSimpleJSONProtocol encodes fields using field names, but when a 
protocol is reading a field it expects a field identifier to be 
returned.  There are other impedance mismatches as well - such as 
protocols reading maps/lists/sets expect for type information and size 
to be encoded at the start of the collection, otherwise you need to read 
ahead to determine this information dynamically, which could get 
complicated especially for nested structures.

I ran into these problems a little while back when trying to convert 
between Thrift and XML, and the solution that I've found is to use a 
metadata file to add back in the needed information. I have this working 
for XML, and doing it with JSON would not be conceptually different.  
You can find my code here (the documentation has not been updated in the 
last few weeks though):

The build is sort of specific to my environment right now but you can at 
least browse the code... the XSLT that does the heavy lifting is in 
src/main/resources.  If you're dealing with JSON you could replace XSLT 
with transformations coded in whatever language you like, and ascertain 
the metadata you need by using the output of Thrift's JSON generator.  
It might also be possible in Java to get the metadata via reflection on 
the generated structs, since they have a member variable called _Fields 
that contains that information.

Good luck! ;)
On 01/11/2016 11:40 PM, Joseph TechMails wrote:
> Hi,
> It's known that TSimpleJSONProtocol is write-only. Is there any reason why
> a read/write version is not supported and is there an alternate approach to
> achieve this?  My project has been using TJSONProtocol, but now we need to
> expose this data for Solr indexing which requires a more readable format.
> Also, in the docs there's a mention of TDebugProtocol, but i couldn't find
> it in the java library (libthrift-0.9.3.jar). Can someone share how it
> looks like ?
> Thanks,
> Joseph

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