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Subject Thrift for usage on mobile clients?
Date Mon, 29 Feb 2016 19:26:21 GMT

I try to evaluate if Thrift is a good choice for my use case where the 
clients are connected via mobile network (3G) to the server. The 
communication pattern is quite simple, just client <-> server, but there 
is no communication between the clients. But there are some points, 
where I'm not sure if Thrift can handle them well:
- bidirectional communication: after a client has registered itself to 
the server, the client may call an rpc on the server and vice versa. 
Does Thrift supports WebSockets? I'm not a big friend of http long 
- Due to 3G the connection will come and go. Any problem for Thrift?
- The typical rpc will transfer just some bytes of date, something like 
send current GPS position to server or push some message to the client. 
But it is also required to send a binary file (size between 250k to 5m) 
from or to the server. Any limitations here? Is there something like 
FileMQ for ZeroMQ out there for Thrift?

Has anyone realized a similar project with thrift?

Best regards,


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