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From Jens Geyer <>
Subject Re: Benchmarking Thrift
Date Sun, 05 Feb 2017 10:54:21 GMT

have you seen this?

have fun,

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From: Tamás Szelei
Sent: Sunday, February 5, 2017 10:52 AM
Subject: Benchmarking Thrift

Hello all,

I'm creating a benchmark of RPC solutions and Thrift is one of them.
Similarly to unit tests, each RPC solution has a fixture where the
infrastructure for performing calls is set up. The benchmarks then measure
the performance of various scenarios. In all cases, the fixtures create
both a client and server and synchronous calls are performed.

It is still a WIP, but I would like to get your input on the setup code I
implemented, i.e. whether or not this is a fair entry in such a benchmark
and if there are any possible areas of improvement. The code is here:

FWIW Thrift seems to be performing quite well in these early measurements.

Also, if there are any known scenarios where Thrift is expected to
outperform outhers, please let me know.

Tamás Szelei 

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