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From Mario Emmenlauer <>
Subject can not initializeOpenSSL() after cleanupOpenSSL() anymore
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2018 09:05:40 GMT


I am quite plagued by an issue with openSSL mutexes. A corresponding
issue report is here:

However there is something fundamental I don't understand: after my app
cleans up openSSL for the first time, it seems I can no longer successfully
use openSSL, even when using initializeOpenSSL() again. Is that to be
expected? After cleanupOpenSSL(), when I initializeOpenSSL() again and
use it, I will eventually get a mutex error 'Assertion `px != 0' failed.'
as described in THRIFT-4411.

>From the code in TSSLSocket.cpp, I understood that it should be supported
to repeatedly initialize and cleanup openSSL, because there is a matching
tracker variable 'openSSLInitialized'.

All the best,

    Mario Emmenlauer

BioDataAnalysis GmbH, Mario Emmenlauer      Tel. Buero: +49-89-74677203
Balanstr. 43                   mailto: memmenlauer *
D-81669 M√ľnchen                

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