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From Alex Tu <>
Subject Can't build Thrift 0.11 libthrift.lib
Date Mon, 15 Oct 2018 15:28:21 GMT
Hey everyone,
I managed to build the lib files for c++ with version 0.10

I tried buildling 0.11.0 before but I can't even open the thrift.sln as 
I'm getting the following error on the libthrift project:
"Cannot load roject with duplicated project items: 
src\thrift\server\TSimpleServer.cpp is included as 'ClCompile' and as 
'ClCompile'item types.

No idea what that error means and googling hasn't helped so far.
Does anyone know the solution to that specific problem?

Thanks in advance and best regards,

P.S I'm buildling an application for C++ which talks to some Python 
Service. Would the application still work if I use Thrift 0.10.0 with 
C++ and 0.11.0 with Python?
If yes I might just use the 0.10.0 I succesfully built.

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