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From "James E. King III" <>
Subject Re: Thrift bidirectional communication
Date Mon, 18 Mar 2019 02:10:43 GMT
I implemented bi-directional support in thrift about 9 years ago, see THRIFT-66.
It was for a company I was working at, and it was only for C#.

This project never picked it up, but the general idea is that instead
of having a
Client and a Server, each end would be an Endpoint, and each end was free to
register a handler for a service, and each end was free to make client requests.
In that model, the Client and Server are only used to establish who is listening
and who is connecting; and it eliminates the current requirement that the party
that connects is the only one who can issue requests.

This generally worked quite well in C# and is in use in production
code at a major
firm, however it never made its way into the rest of thrift.  It's
unlikely I will have
the time to do it in the foreseeable future, but that's the general idea of it.

The file in THRIFT-66 called did this, along
with adding support for multiplexed services before they became what they are
today, so I would suggest if you are going to look at that
implementation that you
mostly ignore the "channels" and focus on the Endpoint implementation.
I believe
that implementation also provided certificate authentication to the C#
layer at the
time which was also missing, it's a bunch of stuff rolled into one...

- Jim

On Sun, Mar 17, 2019 at 9:14 AM C Bergström <> wrote:
> Hah! I'm in need of exactly this and I may have some working Python
> code soon I can share (maybe). To be fair I'm porting really really
> messy C# implementation over to Python and the C# version *IS* working
> bi-directional. (So it should be possible, right?) By this I mean that
> the client logs in and establishes a connection and the local "server"
> is able listen and reply using that same connection. (You'd think this
> use case of client logging in and stuff would be super common)
> I'll watch this thread and post code if nobody else jumps in and gives
> more concrete details sooner.
> Good luck :D
> On Sun, Mar 17, 2019 at 9:08 PM Dams <> wrote:
> >
> > Hello,
> >
> > In the enterprise where I work, I evaluated Thrift. I didn’t know it before and
am new to RPC and network contexts. I’m seduced by the quality of its architecture and of
the C++ code! Great work!
> >
> > But we have a special need: not only the client/server communication for a test
system, but also a bidirectional communication, for applications running in the same environment.
Thrift does not provide this second possibility if I’m not wrong. I found this example: described here:
It is relatively old: 2009.
> >
> > My questions:
> >  * Why doesn’t Thrift provide this possibility of bidirectional communication?
> >  * What do you think about this example? As far as I can understand, it seems to
be well designed.
> >  * Do you intend to plan such a possibility?
> >
> > Thanks in advance for your answers.
> > Dams

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