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From Ben Litchfield <...@benlitchfield.com>
Subject Re: PDFBox in ApacheCon
Date Mon, 12 Nov 2007 13:39:05 GMT
Quoting Jukka Zitting <jukka.zitting@gmail.com>:

> Hi,
> On Oct 11, 2007 11:27 AM, Jukka Zitting <jukka.zitting@gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 10/8/07, Ben Litchfield <ben@benlitchfield.com> wrote:
>> > On Wednesday the sessions don't start until 10:30, if you'll be there
>> > we could meet up before then, and I assume an earlier time would make
>> > it easier to Jeremias to participate.
>> OK, cool. Let's target for Wednesday morning and coordinate better
>> closer to the event.
> Assuming we're still all set for Wednesday, I propose that we target
> noon Atlanta time (6pm CET)  since the conference opening and keynote
> start already at 9am. There's a 1.5 hour lunch break at noon, so I
> guess we'll have enough time for the chat and a lunch after that.
> I didn't remember to bring my webcam and microphone, but I hope
> there's someone with enough equipment to set up a Skype conference. If
> there are other people interested in PDFBox, then you're welcome to
> attend.
> Ben, if you're around already at 6 pm on Tuesday evening, Covalent
> hosts an ASF party to which I'd like to invite you (unless you've
> already been invited :-) as a special guest. Otherwise we can try
> hooking up on Wednesday morning. To help you find me, there's a
> reasonably recent (though I'm no longer blonde) photo of me at
> http://cmf2007.dk/speakers/jukka_zitting. If needed, my cell phone
> number is +358 50 529 4158.
> BR,
> Jukka Zitting

Wednesday at noon works for me and as long as I don't run into any  
travel delays I'd love to attend the Covalent ASF Party.  Is that at  
the hotel or offsite?


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