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From "Jukka Zitting" <jukka.zitt...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: svn commit: r594376 - in /incubator/tika/trunk: CHANGES.txt src/main/java/org/apache/tika/parser/pdf/PDF2XHTML.java src/main/java/org/apache/tika/parser/pdf/PDFParser.java
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2007 19:24:40 GMT

On Nov 18, 2007 7:54 PM, Jeremias Maerki <dev@jeremias-maerki.ch> wrote:
> The constructor IOException(String, Exception) only exists since Java 6.
> I don't think that was intended, was it?

Oh, bugger. Certainly not intended (see [1]), I just wrongly recalled
that the constructor would have been available already in Java 5.

Thanks, Chris, for fixing the problem.

PS. Does anyone have an idea on how Maven could be made to select
which JDK to use based on project metadata?

[1] http://jukkaz.wordpress.com/2007/05/17/the-cause-of-an-ioexception/


Jukka Zitting

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