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From "Jukka Zitting" <jukka.zitt...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Dropping or repurposing the CHANGES file
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2009 00:53:29 GMT

On Tue, Dec 16, 2008 at 11:46 AM, Jukka Zitting <jukka.zitting@gmail.com> wrote:
> See the end of this message for a quick draft of what a higher level
> changelog could look like (using 0.2 as the example). I would much
> rather see us producing such a document than just mechanically listing
> fixed issues in the current CHANGES.txt.

I took the liberty of updating the change log along these lines for
the upcoming 0.3 release. See below for what the current CHANGES.txt
file looks like.

The idea is that the change log would be a document that people would
actually want to read to see what has been changed in each new
release. It would contain summaries of only the most notable changes
and just point to Jira for all the details and the less important


Jukka Zitting

Apache Tika Change Log

Unreleased changes (0.3)

The most notable changes in Tika 0.3 over the previous release are:

  * Tika now disables the loading of all external entities in XML files
    that it parses as input documents. This improves security and avoids
    problems with potentially broken references. (TIKA-185)

  * Tika now replaces all invalid XML characters in the extracted text
    content with spaces. This prevents problems when output from Tika
    is processed with XML tools. (TIKA-180)

  * The Tika CLI now correctly flushes its buffers when invoked with the
    --text argument. This prevents the end of the text output from being
    lost. (TIKA-179)

See http://tinyurl.com/tika-0-3-changes for a list of all changes in Tika 0.3.

The following people have contributed to Tika 0.3 by submitting or commenting
on the issues resolved in this release:

    Andrzej Rusin
    Chris A. Mattmann
    Dave Meikle
    Guillermo Arribas
    Jukka Zitting
    Paul Borgermans
    Peter Becker
    S├ębastien Michel
    Uwe Schindler

See http://tinyurl.com/tika-0-3-contributions for more details on
these contributions.

Release 0.2 - 12/04/2008

1.  TIKA-109 - WordParser fails on some Word files (Dave Meikle)

2.  TIKA-105 - Excel parser implementation based on POI's Event API
               (Niall Pemberton)

3.  TIKA-116 - Streaming parser for OpenDocument files (Jukka Zitting)

4.  TIKA-117 - Drop JDOM and Jaxen dependencies (Jukka Zitting)

5.  TIKA-115 - Tika package with all the dependencies (Jukka Zitting)

6.  TIKA-97  - Tika GUI (Jukka Zitting)

7.  TIKA-96  - Tika CLI (Jukka Zitting)

8.  TIKA-112 - Use Commons IO 1.4 (Jukka Zitting)

9.  TIKA-127 - Add support for Visio files (Jukka Zitting)

10. TIKA-129 - node() support for the streaming XPath utility (Jukka Zitting)

11. TIKA-130 - self-or-descendant axis does not match self in streaming XPath
               (Jukka Zitting)

12. TIKA-131 - Lazy XHTML prefix generation (Jukka Zitting)

13. TIKA-128 - HTML parser should produce XHTML SAX events (Jukka Zitting)

14. TIKA-133 - TeeContentHandler constructor should use varargs (Jukka Zitting)

15. TIKA-132 - Refactor Excel extractor to parse per sheet and add
               hyperlink support (Niall Pemberton)

16. TIKA-134 - mvn package does not produce packages for bin/src
               (Karl Heinz Marbaise)

17. TIKA-138 - Ignore HTML style and script content (Jukka Zitting)

18. TIKA-113 - Metadata (such as title) should not be part of content
               (Jukka Zitting)

19. TIKA-139 - Add a composite parser (Jukka Zitting)

20. TIKA-142 - Include application/xhtml+xml as valid mime type for XMLParser

21. TIKA-143 - Add ParsingReader (Jukka Zitting)

22. TIKA-144 - Upgrade nekohtml dependency (Jukka Zitting)

23. TIKA-145 - Separate NOTICEs and LICENSEs for binary and source packages
               (Jukka Zitting)

24. TIKA-146 - Upgrade to POI 3.1 (Jukka Zitting)

25. TIKA-99  - Support external parser programs (Jukka Zitting)

26. TIKA-149 - Parser for Zip files (Dave Meikle & Jukka Zitting)

27. TIKA-150 - Parser for tar files (Jukka Zitting)

28. TIKA-151 - Stream compression support (Jukka Zitting)

29. TIKA-156 - Some MIME magic patterns are ignored by MimeTypes
               (Jukka Zitting)

30. TIKA-155 - Java class file parser (Dave Brosius & Jukka Zitting)

31. TIKA-108 - New Tika logos (Yongqian Li & Jukka Zitting)

32. TIKA-120 - Add support for retrieving ID3 tags from MP3 files
               (Dave Meikle & Jukka Zitting)

33. TIKA-54  - Outlook msg parser
               (Rida Benjelloun, Dave Meikle & Jukka Zitting)

34. TIKA-114 - PDFParser : Getting content of the document using
               "writer.ToString ()" , some words are stuck together
               (Dave Meikle)

35. TIKA-161 - Enable PMD reports (Jukka Zitting)

36. TIKA-159 - Add support for parsing basic audio types: wav, aiff, au, midi
               (Sami Siren)

37. TIKA-140 - HTML parser unable to extract text
               (Julien Nioche & Jukka Zitting)

38. TIKA-163 - GUI does not support drag and drop in Gnome or KDE (Dave Meikle)

39. TIKA-166 - Update HTMLParser to parse contents of meta tags (Dave Meikle)

40. TIKA-164 - Upgrade of the nekohtml dependency to 1.9.9 (Jukka Zitting)

41. TIKA-165 - Upgrade of the ICU4J dependency to version 3.8 (Jukka Zitting)

42. TIKA-172 - New Open Document Parser that emits structured XHTML content
               (Uwe Schindler & Jukka Zitting)

43. TIKA-175 - Retrotranslate Tika for use in Java 1.4 environments
(Jukka Zitting)

44. TIKA-177 - Improvements to build instruction in README (Chris
Hostetter & Jukka Zitting)

45. TIKA-171 - New ContentHandler for plain text output that has no problem with
               missing white space after XHTML block tags (Uwe
Schindler & Jukka Zitting)

Release 0.1-incubating - 12/27/2007

1. TIKA-5 - Port Metadata Framework from Nutch (mattmann)

2. TIKA-11 - Consolidate test classes into a src/test/java directory
tree (mattmann)

3. TIKA-15 - Utils.print does not print a Content having no value (jukka)

4. TIKA-19 - org.apache.tika.TestParsers fails (bdelacretaz)

5. TIKA-16 - Issues with data files used for testing by TestParsers

6. TIKA-14 - MimeTypeUtils.getMimeType() returns the default mime type for
             .odt (Open Office) file (bdelacretaz)

7. TIKA-12 - Add URL capability to MimeTypesUtils (jukka)

8. TIKA-13 - Fix obsolete package names in config.xml (siren)

9. TIKA-10 - Remove MimeInfoException catch clauses and import from
TestParsers (siren)

10. TIKA-8 - Replaced the jmimeinfo dependency with a trivial mime
type detector (jukka)

11. TIKA-7 - Added the Lius Lite code. Added missing dependencies to POM (jukka)

12. TIKA-18 - "Office" interface should be renamed "MSOffice" (mattmann)

13. TIKA-23 - Decouple Parser from ParserConfig (jukka)

14. TIKA-6 - Port Nutch (or better) MimeType detection system into
Tika (J. Charron & mattmann)

15. TIKA-25 - Removed hardcoded reference to C:\oo.xml in
OpenOfficeParser (K. Bennett & jukka)

16. TIKA-17 - Need to support URL's for input resources. (K. Bennett & mattmann)

17. TIKA-22 - Remove @author tags from the java source (mattmann)

18. TIKA-21 - Simplified configuration code (jukka)

19. TIKA-17 - Rename all "Lius" classes to be "Tika" classes (jukka)

20. TIKA-30 - Added utility constructors to TikaConfig (K. Bennett & jukka)

21. TIKA-28 - Rename config.xml to tika-config.xml or similar (mattmann)

22. TIKA-26 - Use Map<String, Content> instead of List<Content> (jukka)

23. TIKA-31 - protected Parser.parse(InputStream stream,
              Iterable<Content> contents) (jukka & K. Bennett)

24. TIKA-36 - A convenience method for getting a document's content's text
              would be helpful (K. Bennett & mattmann)

25. TIKA-33 - Stateless parsers (jukka)

26. TIKA-38 - TXTParser adds a space to the content it reads from a
file (K. Bennett & ridabenjelloun)

27. TIKA-35 - Extract MsOffice properties, use RereadableInputStream
devloped by K. Bennett (ridabenjelloun & K. Bennett)

28. TIKA-39 - Excel parsing improvements (siren & ridabenjelloun)

29. TIKA-34 - Provide a method that will return a default configuration
              (TikaConfig) (K. Bennett & mattmann)

30. TIKA-42 - Content class needs (String, String, String) constructor
(K. Bennett)

31. TIKA-43 - Parser interface (jukka)

32. TIKA-47 - Remove TikaLogger (jukka)

33. TIKA-46 - Use Metadata in Parser (jukka & mattmann)

34. TIKA-48 - Merge MS Extractors and Parsers (jukka)

35. TIKA-45 - RereadableInputStream needs to be able to read to
              the end of the original stream on first rewind. (K. Bennett)

36. TIKA-41 - Resource files occur twice in jar file. (jukka)

37. TIKA-49 - Some files have old-style license headers, fixed (Robert
Burrell Donkin & bdelacretaz)

38. TIKA-51 - Leftover temp files after running Tika tests, fixed (bdelacretaz)

39. TIKA-40 - Tika needs to support diverse character encodings (jukka)

40. TIKA-55 - ParseUtils.getParser() method variants should have
consistent parameter orders
              (K. Bennett)

41. TIKA-52 - RereadableInputStream needs to support not closing the
input stream it wraps.
              (K. Bennett via bdelacretaz)

42. TIKA-53 - XHTML SAX events from parsers (jukka)

43. TIKA-57 - Rename org.apache.tika.ms to org.apache.tika.parser.ms (jukka)

44. TIKA-62 - Use TikaConfig.getDefaultConfig() instead of a hardcoded
              config path in TestParsers (jukka)

45. TIKA-58 - Replace jtidy html parser with nekohtml based parser (siren)

46. TIKA-60 - Rename Microsoft parser classes (jukka)

47. TIKA-63 - Avoid multiple passes over the input stream in Microsoft parsers

48. TIKA-66 - Use Java 5 features in org.apache.tika.mime (jukka)

49. TIKA-56 - Mime type detection fails with upper case file
extensions such as "PDF"

50. TIKA-65 - Add encode detection support for HTML parser (siren)

51. TIKA-68 - Add dummy parser classes to be used as sentinels (jukka)

52. TIKA-67 - Add an auto-detecting Parser implementation (jukka)

53. TIKA-70 - Better MIME information for the Open Document formats (jukka)

54. TIKA-71 - Remove ParserConfig and ParserFactory (jukka)

55. TIKA-83 - Create a org.apache.tika.sax package for SAX utilities (jukka)

56. TIKA-84 - Add MimeTypes.getMimeType(InputStream) (jukka)

57. TIKA-85 - Add glob patterns from the ASF svn:eol-style documentation (jukka)

58. TIKA-100 - Structured PDF parsing (jukka)

59. TIKA-101 - Improve site and build (mattmann)

60. TIKA-102 - Parser implementations loading a large amount of content
               into a single String could be problematic (Niall Pemberton)

61. TIKA-107 - Remove use of assertions for argument checking (Niall Pemberton)

62. TIKA-104 - Add utility methods to throw IOException with the caused
               intialized (jukka & Niall Pemberton)

63. TIKA-106 - Remove dependency on Jakarta ORO - use JDK 1.4 Regex
               (Niall Pemberton)

64. TIKA-111 - Missing license headers (jukka)

65. TIKA-112 - XMLParser improvement (ridabenjelloun)

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