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From Nick Lothian <nloth...@educationau.edu.au>
Subject Reading metadata without downloading entire file
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2009 06:22:48 GMT
I'm trying to get MP3 Metadata without downloading an entire MP3.

I've setup a FilterInputStream which throws an InterruptedIOException after a given amount
of a file is downloaded.

If I point this at an HTML page it works - I can get the title from the metadata.

If I point it at an MP3 file it doesn't give me any metadata at all (except the Metadata.RESOURCE_NAME_KEY
which I set), even if I set the download length to be just less than the length of the file.
If I download the whole file it works

(JPGs don't seem to work either)

Why is this so? My understanding was that Tika would work with streams?


                CountingInputStream stream = new CountingInputStream(method.getResponseBodyAsStream(),
new CountingListener() {
                        public void transferred(long amount, InputStream theStream) throws
InterruptedIOException {
                                if (amount > 20000l) {
                                        throw new InterruptedIOException();

                Metadata metadata = new Metadata();
                metadata.set(Metadata.RESOURCE_NAME_KEY, address);
                try {
                        parser.parse(stream, getXmlContentHandler(), metadata);
                } catch (Exception e) {
                } finally {
                        System.out.println("size = " + stream.getTransferred());

  Nick Lothian

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