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From A Z <stargate7thsym...@live.co.uk>
Subject Questions about java TIKA project.
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2013 08:28:40 GMT

I notice that the java TIKA project is for file format support using java
and various Office file formats.

I also notice that you are building on POI (presumably 3.9).

-POI has shortfalls around HWPFDocument objects; Microsoft Word
 .doc files. One may not really easily insert


objects into the document and save it with success.

setFtcAscii(int ftcAscii)

setFtcFE(int ftcFE)

functions don't make it easy to alter Font information in an HWPFDocument,
with their intended names, certainly the int values for font, by no means
evident as they aren't included as fields in a companion class.

-Is your project about addressing these sorts of shortfalls inside POI?

-Similarly, I want more support for dealing with *.rtf files. Particularly
 to insert text and images, and not simply append them. I also want the ability
to read images out of *.rtf files too.  Are these going to be dealt with?
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