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From Chad Sears <sears.c...@gmail.com>
Subject Wildcard help needed when returning from action
Date Wed, 23 Dec 2009 03:14:04 GMT
I am using Struts 2.1.6 and Tiles 2.1.4

I am trying to use wildcards for the first time

I try to get to my tile using this link <a
href="secureCpBrandintroduction.awsp">Brand 101</a>

This seems to work through the struts side of the house and when it
trys to find the HTML page it fails:
The requested resource (/content/secure/brand101/{1}.html) is not available

I followed the instructions on the tiles config site and ensured I had
these jars deployed:
spring-web-VERSION.jar, spring-core-VERSION.jar,
spring-context-VERSION.jar, spring-beans-VERSION.jar,

I do not receive any errors other than the one in the web browser
listed above. What am I doing wrong?

Struts-config excerpt:
    <action name="secureCpBrand*" class="com.ancept.ams.wsportal.SecureAction">

Tiles excerpt:
  <definition name="secure.cp.brand101" extends="secure.cp">
    <put-attribute name="body" value="secure.cp.brand101.body"/>
    <put-attribute name="subNavItemsDef"

  <definition name="secure.cp.brand101.body" extends="secure.cp.body"/>
  <definition name="secure.cp.brand101.subNavigation"

  <definition name="secure.cp.brand101.*" extends="secure.cp.brand101">
    <put-attribute name="subNavItemsDef">
	    <definition extends="secure.cp.brand101.subNavigation">
	      <put-attribute name="subNavSelected" value="{1}"/>
    <put-attribute name="body">
      <definition extends="secure.cp.brand101.body">
        <put-list-attribute name="bodyContent">
          <add-attribute value="/content/secure/brand101/{1}.html"/>

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