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From Mck <m...@semb.wever.org>
Subject Re: Tiles-2.2.2 release?
Date Tue, 23 Mar 2010 13:10:42 GMT

> Sure:
> https://issues.apache.org/jira/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?reset=true&mode=hide&sorter/order=DESC&sorter/field=priority&resolution=-1&pid=12311046&fixfor=12314702

How many of these are real blockers? For example which are regressions?
Otherwise i'll try and fix a few., but TILES-503 is a big one it looks
like, and if it's not a regression i can't see it holding back a release
that already contains other good fixes.

> Moreover there is a bigger hurdle: the release of Velocity Tools 2.0.
> This version is still in beta, and until this version comes out, I
> doubt Tiles will become GA.

Ouch. Albeit beta-4. Are there any known problems affecting Tiles? Can
an immediate 2.2.2 release still go ahead with this listed under "known
bugs"? For my part i have no qualms as this is a optional component to

> If no one helps me, you can wait for 2.2.2 until the heat death of the
> universe. 

We scratch our own itch, that's fine by me.
If we can waiver TILES-503 and Velocity-Tools-2.0-beta4 then i'm
definitely eager to help on those other issues.
Otherwise we'll have to make our own timestamp version of 2.2.2-SNAPSHOT
(as it just fine for us as-is).


"Physics is the universe's operating system." Steven R Garman 
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