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From Antonio Petrelli <antonio.petre...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Issue with retrieving Tiles definitions in code
Date Tue, 09 Mar 2010 11:11:11 GMT
2010/3/9 Gallagher, Jim (UK Europe Middle East & Group Functions,
Technology Services) <Jim.Gallagher@rbs.co.uk>:
> A rules definition is defined as follows:
>        <definition name="rule.menu.messaging.view">
>                <put-attribute name="type" value="one_role" />
>                <put-list-attribute name="roles">
>                        <add-attribute value="ROLE1" />
>                        <add-attribute value="ROLE2" />
>                        <add-attribute value="ROLE3" />
>                </put-list-attribute>
>        </definition>
> Ultimately I want to retrieve the rules definition, retrieve the roles specified and
process them according to our own security standards here.
> Where it's falling down is that in the TilesMenuRuleControlPreparer class, I'm trying
to retrieve the rules definition as follows:
>                        DefinitionManager definitionManager = new DefinitionManager(
>                                        "org.apache.tiles.impl.BasicTilesContainer.DEFINITIONS_CONFIG");
>                        Definition def = definitionManager.getDefinition(name,
>                                        tilesRequestContext);
> This is failing with a NullPointerException - on debugging, I see that the Factory instance
within the DefinitionManager is null.

This is normal, you are not using the correct tool.
DefinitionManager is a tool used by Tiles to define newly-created
definitions, not to retrieve already stored ones.
However, there is a problem: you cannot get a definition using the
Tiles API. You can only render it, and use the attributes in the
template page. So I think we need to find a workaround.
The definition has no meaning without a template (its own, or
inherited from an extended definition).
How do you want to use these "rules"?


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