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From Mick Semb Wever <...@apache.org>
Subject Re: OptionsRenderer not working
Date Sun, 27 Oct 2013 08:06:42 GMT
ClamAV 0.96.5

> java.lang.IllegalStateException: A matching list-attribute 
> name="my_opts" must be defined.

Does the definition this request is using have in your tiles.xml the
"myopts" list attribute defined?

    <put-list-attribute name="myopts">
        <add-attribute value="{1}"/>
        <add-attribute value="common"/>

>  From what I can tell, it would appear that the context that the 
> OptionsRenderer is receiving is not correct; the attributes and 
> cascadedAttributes are both null, even though they should be set. 
> However, I have been unable to trace why this is happening.

Odd. Can you post your tiles.xml.
(Or post a reproducible test-case to the issue).
This does sounds like something rather trivial to fix, but i need a
little more information still.


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