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From Fred Eisele <fredrick.eis...@gmail.com>
Subject TinkerPop 3 as a Categorical Database API
Date Tue, 04 Dec 2018 18:33:29 GMT
Hi TinkerPop3 developers,
I am planning on using TinkerPop3 to represent and store categories.
And by categories I mean as defined by category theory
In general graph-node = cat-object and graph-dir_edge = cat-arrow.
I think this application is fairly straightforward but it does not work.
A fundamental construct in category theory is the functor.
A functor includes arrows constructed between other arrows.
Thus every edge (arrow) is also a node (object).
There are two obvious ways this may be handled.

# TinkerPop 3 unchanged : Alternate mapping

Rather than the obvious...
* graph-node = cat-object
* graph-edge = cat-arrow
... mentioned above.
An approach similar to that used for hyper-graphs can be adopted.
* graph-node[Object] = cat-object
* graph-node[Arrow] = cat-arrow as cat-object
* graph-node[Arrow] + graph-edge[Tip] + graph-edge[Tail] = cat-arrow

This approach is similar to that in RDF
It can be implemented with TinkerPop 3 in its current form.
It is what I am currently doing.

# Property Graph Database as Categorical Database

What is more interesting is extending ThinkerPop to be a categorical
database API.
The approach combines Node+Edge into a single class with some type of
casting to switch to the other interface.
I am looking into what would be entailed in implementing this in JanusGraph.

If this is the correct forum I can supply diagrams to better illustrate the
If this is not the correct forum please point me in the right direction.

Thank you
Fred Eisele

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