Hummm... The exception message that you are getting has the following signature in Jasper (tomcat's JSP engine): jsp.error.badtaglib=Unable to open taglibrary {0} : {1} And it is called with the following arguments: - the uri of the taglib directive in your case this is -> - the message of the exception in your case this is -> null What's weird is that you get 'null' for the value of ex.getMessage(), which would probably mean a NullPointerException occurring somewhere. Is it possible for you to build tomcat 3.2.1? If so, I could tell you exactly where to instrument the code to get a stack trace of that NPE. If not, I could send you that "instrumented" class, but you'd have to insert it in tomcat's classpath before it hits the class it replaces in tomcat (and you'd have to trust me that nothing bad is in that class...). -- Pierre "Yang,Chun" wrote: > > Hi, I have encountered the following error message when I try to run a jsp > page with a simple empty bodycontent tag. > The error message reads: > org.apache.jasper.compiler.CompileException: > D:\chun\testarea\taglib\helloworldtag.jsp(0,0) Unable to open taglibrary > : null > The entries for the afore-mentioned taglib in web.xml is: > > > > > > /WEB-INF/taglib/test-taglib.tld > > > And the test-taglib.tld which is located in /WEB-INF/taglib has > the following entry: > > hw > HelloWorldTag > empty > > > > And the jsp page is as simple as > <%@ taglib uri="" prefix="foo" %> > > > > > >
> > > > > What could poooossibly be wrong ? I read the documentation several times and > simply couldn't figure this out ! > > btw, the environment I am working in is Apache1.3.14(win32) and TomCat3.2.1 > > Your help is greatly appreciated!