Hi, I have encountered the following error message when I try to run a jsp page with a simple empty bodycontent tag. The error message reads: org.apache.jasper.compiler.CompileException: D:\chun\testarea\taglib\helloworldtag.jsp(0,0) Unable to open taglibrary http://www.yangc.com/taglib/testtags : null The entries for the afore-mentioned taglib in web.xml is: http://www.yangc.com/taglib/testtags /WEB-INF/taglib/test-taglib.tld And the test-taglib.tld which is located in /WEB-INF/taglib has the following entry: hw HelloWorldTag empty And the jsp page is as simple as <%@ taglib uri="http://www.yangc.com/taglib/testtags" prefix="foo" %>
What could poooossibly be wrong ? I read the documentation several times and simply couldn't figure this out ! btw, the environment I am working in is Apache1.3.14(win32) and TomCat3.2.1 Your help is greatly appreciated!