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From Pierre Delisle <>
Subject Re: Taglibs Plans?
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2001 15:45:41 GMT
[cc'ing the struts-dev community since this relates to them as well]

Dana Kaufman wrote:
> Hi,
> I just came across the Taglibs project and was wondering if someone could
> answer questions about Taglibs and plan with other initiatives.  I think
> Custom Tag Libraries are an important technology but I am confused as
> to how the various projects relate.
> 1)  How does Taglibs relate to Struts?  I noticed there was some overlap
> in functionality.  Will these project be combined or synchronized at
> some point?

There has been "informal" talks about this. Getting the two
communities to work more closely together is definitely a goal. While
not all tags in struts are candidates for taglibs (because they have
dependencies on the underlying struts framework), some of them are
general enough to fit very well within taglibs and might reach a wider
audience because of that. Once Struts is done with its first final
release, and that standard taglibs hit the road, it should be
easier to sync everyone up. 

> 2)  What about Taglibs and the Standard Tag Libraries for Java Server
> Pages project being worked on by Sun for inclusion in the JSP reference
> environment.  Are the Taglib developers involved in that project in any
> way?

There are quite a few developers involved in jakarta-taglibs as well as struts
that are also members of the expert group for JSR-052. I am myself a 
co-lead of that JSR.

> 3)  Will the Taglibs project be included in future version of Tomcat
> like I beleive the Standard Tag Libraries will be?

This is a question that would should be directed to the tomcat-dev 
community. However, I am not sure this would be a good idea since
this could make a web-application non-portable to other containers.
Also, since it is quite easy to include tag libraries in web-applications,
not sure there would be a real benefit there.

> Thank you in advance for helping me understand the Custom Tag Library
> landscape :-)
> Dana Scott Kaufman

    -- Pierre

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