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From Lee Ball <>
Subject RE: Most useful Tag library Poll
Date Mon, 09 Jul 2001 13:11:53 GMT

I think I started this "use of EJB" argument and I'm a bit sorry
it's caused so much fuss. If you check my original posting I wasn't
saying that you should use entity beans for DB access I said that
DB access should be done through Data Access Objects or Entity Beans,
the intended emphasis being that you wouldn't want to be doing
DB access directly from your JSP using a custom tag.

The posts on here in response to that have all pretty much agreed - I
just wanted to provide clarification of my original intention.

However I thing the DB tags do serve one very useful purpose - they can
fuel architecture discussions like this ;-)


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From: Jim Cheesman []
Sent: 09 July 2001 08:12
Subject: RE: Most useful Tag library Poll

At 06:16 PM 06/07/01, you wrote:
>Interestingly, lately I've seen lots of developers come to the
>conclusion that EJBs (Entity and Session) are not appropriate for all (or
>even most) Enterprise tasks.  I've seen several threads lately about
>companies that started out with pure EJB solutions and then scaled back to
>simple classes running inside the Servlet container and/or taglibs,
>resulting in significant performance boosts (I myself worked on such a

I looked into EJBs and came to the same conclusions that you did - they're 
significantly slower than a "normal" bean+servlet+jsp solution.

That said, I was using JBoss and not some whizz-bang commercial server...



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