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From Shawn Bayern <>
Subject Re: Tag support for:
Date Tue, 24 Jul 2001 18:34:41 GMT
On Tue, 24 Jul 2001, Casazza, Robert wrote:

> Maybe this is more related to Struts but I'm curious as to whether
> Jakarta Tags allow:
> [1] looping, in particular to be able to dynamically
> 	populate a table based on a collection of
> 	objects with attributes

The JSPTL will supports iteration tags.  See

for the first early-access JSPTL release.

> [2] What general ways are there to populate tables
> 	with exactly X columns?

I'm sorry; I'm not sure I fully understand the question.  Would a simple
iteration tag not work?

> [3] Are there currently tags which look like checkboxes
> 	or radio buttons but which force a refresh to
> 	allow the current page to dynamically change
> 	based on the choices made?

Again, I'm not sure I fully follow, but the Input taglib in Jakarta
Taglibs supports tags that print checkboxes (etc.) that adjust their
default values based on the information in the 'request' object.
Struts also has tags that might encompass the functionality you're looking


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