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From Lavandowska <>
Subject Re: Request for expert advice on design
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2001 02:40:52 GMT

Since you are using Struts, I would advise you to take advantage of it!
Design a "ResourceForm" bean to hold your XMLResource data in some
other data structure (such as an ArrayList for example - I have no idea
what an "XMLResource" is).  Then use the Struts tags or JSPTL for
displaying the data.

You could use a similar approach for your management app, where a
Struts ActionForm bean holds the form data, and the Struts Action class
does the work on inserting it into dbXML.

Mind you, this is still one layer of abstraction away from doing it
"the right way", where all your business logic resides outside of the
Struts Action/Form classes.

--- Ray Allis <> wrote:
> Building a NewsML application using dbXML ( Struts 
> framework: jakarta-struts-1.0, jakarta-tomcat-4.0-b7, JSE (build 
> 1.3.1-b24), jakarta-taglibs-jsptl-20010830, xtags-20010620.tar.gz ...
> - Should I work on a jsptl lib for dbxml? (jx:forEach doesn't
>    know how to iterate Resources.) Or just use inline
>    scriptlets for e.g. iteration until jsptl settles down a bit?
> - Once I extract an "XMLResource" do I pass it to xtags for
>    select etc.?  Do I pass a String to xtags:parse for each
>    XMLResource?  Is this where "Tag Collaboration" applies?
>    Is xtags even the applicable tool?
> - Eventually, I'd like to do form-based database maintenance.
>    :-) The Documents are in beans, but how would a setWhatever
>    work?  The present technique would be to build new or
>    replacement Documents complete using xtags and insert them
>    into the db?  Or is there a jdom.tld in the works? ;-)
>    (There IS an XUpdate for xmldb. :-)

Lance Lavandowska

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