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From Brett.B.To...@Dartmouth.EDU (Brett B. Tofel)
Subject Re: Newbie taglib problem - Unable to load class
Date Mon, 26 Nov 2001 10:49:22 GMT
sounds like maybe the class file is not in your classpath.

echo $CLASSPATH (unix) (perhaps "set CLASSPATH" on Win) of the user who is
running Tomcat and make sure the class file resides in a directory listed or
that the jar file containing the class is listed by name with it's path before

brett tofel

--- You wrote:
I've built a simple custom tag, but when i try to use it in a JSP page i
get this errormessage:

(6,0) Unable to load class no.mogul.ikd.EncodeHTMLTag
The class (inherited from TagBody) compiled without errors. I have tried
to place the .jar file (with the taglib.tld, the classfile and the
manifest file) of the custom taglib in both the lib directory of my
tomcat and in the lib directory of my testapplication. I even tried
placing the class file directly under the \classes directory, but I get
the same errormessage.
I have tried to look around the web for tips on deploying selfmade
custom tag libraries, but haven't found any.
Is there anything missing in my jar file?
Are there any extra classpath settings that have to be done except from
the main classpath settings for tomcat?
Are my classes/files/jars in the correct place?
I would be grateful for any hints on this!

--- end of quote ---

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