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From "Stephen Drye" <>
Subject Re: <exception> tag (was: Re: I18N: <bundle> Bug?)
Date Thu, 20 Dec 2001 15:39:57 GMT
> > The usual thing to do with exceptions in a i18n environment is to throw
> > code for the message, not the actual message.  Then you just use the
code as
> > a key to look up the localized message in a properties file.  This way
> > there's no need to use any custom exceptions.
> In the approach you are describing, the code (or key) of the exception
> is looked up in the application's configured resource bundle, and the
> message it maps to is passed into the exception's constructor before the
> exception is thrown, like this:
>   throw new XXXException(Resources.getMessage("SOME_ERROR_CODE"));

Forgot to mention that the libraries I write that use this technique have a
getExceptionText(key, locale) static method.  So, the client code just calls
back into the library to get the text of the message after the exception is

So, the lookup is TheLibrary.getException(except.getMessage(),
response.getLocale()) in a JSP environment.

Stephen Drye
Art Technology Group

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