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From "Alice K" <>
Subject re: Standard taglib in Resin
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT

Happy New Year. Thank you for looking into it. I have been addictive to the 
standand tag and used extensively in one of our application. If this is 
fixed for Resin. It would be great.

>The newly built seems fixed the Null problems in Resin. However, the
>iterator (forEach) examples do NOT work correctly in Resin. It only
>shows only ONE record only.

>>Interesting.  This is the second such report of this behavior in >>Resin.  
>>I'll take a look as soon as possible, but it might be a few days, since
>>I'm travelling, and downloading Resin to my laptop over this modem
>>connection would likely take all of the afternoon. :-)

>>If you want to investigate further, the first thing I'd try to >>determine
>>is whether any handler that implements IterationTag fails similarly >>in 
>>current version of Resin, or whether it's just the Standard Taglib's
>>handler.  There's no reason I can think of offhand for iteration to >>stop
>>abruptly unless doAfterBody() isn't being called appropriately -- but
that's just a guess.


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