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From Thomas Colin de Verdière <>
Subject Re: What is the rationale: (was RE: is there a better way to do t his without JSP Script var)
Date Tue, 06 Aug 2002 07:58:00 GMT
Hi Vernon,

Vernon Wu wrote:
> Those are the reasons in theme, or what JSTL mean to be. In reality, the current version
of JSTL has achieved the 
> most of the goal, thank for JSTL team for their a lot of hard work. 
> There are few problem thought. After employing the message tag of fmt in JSTL, I, >
> however, experience a tumble 
> perfromance during the JSP translation phase on a container TC4.0.4. 
> And more serious one, a large number, say more 
> than a hundred,  of the tag appearence on one page can crash the server.
> Even though, I still think JSTL is a wonderfull development tool.
> 8/5/2002 8:56:04 AM, "Martin Cooper" <> wrote:

In fact this due to the compilation. Java does not accept method longer than 64Ko.
When Jsp is translated the method _jspService generated by Tomcat is more than this limit.
There are two solutions :
1- use <jsp:include .. > and separate your page in several pages.
 Then pages are compiled distinctly.
2- Use Tomcat 4.1.7 (i believe or the latest version). Jasper is then able to separate 
tag class and create methods for each. 
If you are very interested look at your 'work' directory.
This not due to Tag nor Jstl. But this appears with tags because they generated a lot of java


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