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From Thomas Colin de Verdière <>
Subject c-rt
Date Thu, 08 Aug 2002 16:00:03 GMT
i use the c-rt taglib and when i use
forEach tag i passed a variable through an rt expression

<c-rt:forEach items="<%= fields %>" var="afield">

Those items are defined before using a custom tag. It gives access to an object fields.
Then i have to put a declaration of my object in my jsp fields to pass it to the forEach tag.
It could be great to have an attribute scope which describe the scope of the variable i want
to pass and then tell forEach to search the String variable in items in this scope.

This could avoid to write 
<jsp:useBean id="fields" class="java.util.Enumeration"  /> before using forEach.

My first idea was that it was possible to retrieve variable from the pageContext to the scriptlet
with no use of 'useBean'.

I thought this was implicit.
After i saw this doesn't work i wrote the useBean and then it works but it was a bit

Thomas de Verdière

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