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From hdi12 <>
Subject RE: where to parse xml files
Date Mon, 19 Aug 2002 13:04:09 GMT
>In a larger application, you might ignore the <x:parse> tag and perhaps
>even the <x:set> tag -- and simply use the tags whose purpose is to
>display data (<x:out>) or control the flow in a page (<x:if>, <x:forEach>,
>etc.).  Your back-end components would handle the parsing of XML documents
>and perhaps some complex manipulations as well.

Thank you very much for your advices. The <x:parse> tag is used to parse an 
document into a data structure that can then be processed by the XPath engine. 
How can I use <x:out>, <x:if>, etc without using the <x:parse>? One method
think is parsing XML document into a DOM document at back-end, and displaying 
the data in JSP page using xml tags. Coulf you tell me how JSTL get the DOM 
document? Can I simply use <c:set> to set the DOM document to a variable?

Thanks again!

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