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From "Mark R. Diggory" <>
Subject JSP 2.0 and EL
Date Sat, 31 Aug 2002 15:46:20 GMT
So, I'm wondering, if EL is going to be available in the JSP 2.0 Core. 
Does this mean the following?

1.) Most taglibs for JSP 2.0 will be able to adopt to EL without much in 
the line of code modifications?


<prefix:tag attribute='<%=session.getAttribute("foobar")%>'/>

could easily be rewritten as

<prefix:tag attribute='${sessionScope.foobar}'/>

and the setting of the "Attribute" would be independent of the 
evaluation of this would be independent of ${sessionScope.foobar}in the 

2.) Will we be able to do things like this?

<a href="${sessionScope.foobar}">An example of EL outside of a custom 
tag. </a>

I have some some custom taglib's I've been working on, I was thinking of 
integrating the EL Engine from JSTL into them and now, if the above is 
true, I'm wondering if I really have to do that? Or if I should just 
focus on implementing them for JSP 2.0.

-Mark Diggory
Harvard MIT Data Center

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