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From Vernon Wu <>
Subject Re: What is the rationale: (was RE: is there a better way to do t his without JSP Script var)
Date Tue, 06 Aug 2002 17:03:18 GMT


Thanks for providing the inside information, and clarify the source of the problems I experienced
are due to the 
container TC, not JSTL itself.
I have tried the TC4.1: first 4.1.7b, encounter two problems, and later 4.1.8b, one problem
still exist - 
InstantiationException on login page, for an instance used in the following page. I have posted
a question on the TC 
user group email list, not response yet. Hopefully, I can get over the problem soon and test
out the fmt message tag on 
the new container.


8/6/2002 12:58:00 AM, Thomas Colin de Verdière <> wrote:

>Hi Vernon,
>Vernon Wu wrote:
>> Those are the reasons in theme, or what JSTL mean to be. In reality, the current
version of JSTL has achieved the 
>> most of the goal, thank for JSTL team for their a lot of hard work. 
>> There are few problem thought. After employing the message tag of fmt in JSTL, I,
> > however, experience a 
>> perfromance during the JSP translation phase on a container TC4.0.4. 
>> And more serious one, a large number, say more 
>> than a hundred,  of the tag appearence on one page can crash the server.
>> Even though, I still think JSTL is a wonderfull development tool.
>> 8/5/2002 8:56:04 AM, "Martin Cooper" <> wrote:
>In fact this due to the compilation. Java does not accept method longer than 64Ko.
>When Jsp is translated the method _jspService generated by Tomcat is more than this limit.
>There are two solutions :
>1- use <jsp:include .. > and separate your page in several pages.
> Then pages are compiled distinctly.
>2- Use Tomcat 4.1.7 (i believe or the latest version). Jasper is then able to separate

>tag class and create methods for each. 
>If you are very interested look at your 'work' directory.
>This not due to Tag nor Jstl. But this appears with tags because they generated a lot
of java code. 
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