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From Tim Kettering <>
Subject Re: String taglib release
Date Sat, 03 Aug 2002 23:43:35 GMT


Sorry for the belated reply on this.  A project I'm working on needed two
types of functionality, which I'm doing right now with some custom code, but
I had thought about suggesting a sandbox project for those two to contribute
back to the taglibs community.

However, I noticed that String taglib already exists, and it makes a lot
more sense for me to suggest an addition to those, and I'd be happy to help
out with coding if my somewhat amateur-coding skills would be adequate for
the task.

1) A more intelligent substring.  In my application, I want to give
"summaries" of a long string of text.  I specify a cutoff of, say 50
characters, but it will also extend it past 50 to the next space character
in the case it gets cut off in the middle of the word, so the word isn't

2) HTML stripping.  Would be nice to have the functionality to intelligently
strip HTML/XML tags from a string.  PHP offers this functionality, and I
miss it somewhat in Java.

If you would like to incorporate those ideas and even (gasp) let me try my
hand on coding those functionality, feel free to email me off list and we
can discuss more.


> Now that there is a released jar from the Commons Lang component, I can
> start to think about releasing a 1.0 of the String taglib.
> Before I do such a thing, I'd like to ask if any users would like to make
> any input on bugs [I'm not aware of any], features or desired
> documentation. Is there anything about the String taglib that you as a
> user find frustrating?
> Once 1.0 is out, I plan to look into a version of the String taglib that
> works more closely with the JSTL, and will add tags for spliting/joining
> on comma separated lists of Strings and boolean logic such as 'is this
> String numeric?'.
> Thanks,
> Hen
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Tim Kettering

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