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From "Glenn Barney" <>
Subject Using a local JSP String in a taglib var for xsl transforms
Date Tue, 06 Aug 2002 18:42:21 GMT
Hi all,

I'm new to this taglibs stuff so any help would be greatly appreciated.  I 
searched all over this list but found no answer to my question.  My goal is 
to transform a xml doucment, stored as a string, using an xsl file and xsl 

I have a database full of xml documents.  I am pulling each document out in 
a list and saving the document into a Java string called message. IE i have
	    <%! String message; %> and later...
	<%message = rs.getString("message"); %>

I have two test files working correctly when I call these lines:

	<c:import url="/xml/tester.xml" var="xml" />
	<c:import url="/xml/real.xsl" var="xslt" />
	<x:transform xml="${xml}" xslt="${xslt}" />

This works great and i get the output i'd exepected.  But I can't for the 
life of me, get the String "message" to be parsed by xslt!  As per searching 
the newsgroup I tried (sometime randomly):

<x:transform xml="${message}" xslt="${xslt}" />
<x:transform xml="${session.message}" xslt="${xslt}" />
<x:transform xml="${param.message}" xslt="${xslt}" />
<x:transform xml="<%= message =>" xslt="${xslt}" />

But nothing works.  I tried each of these above methods while message had an 
xml document in it and again when it had a pointer to that tester.xml file 
just to see if I could get anything working but I can't.  I am running 
tomcat 4.0, got everything set up ok, i think.  Thanks a lot for your help.


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