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From Vernon Wu <>
Subject Re: "evaluating custom action attribute" Error
Date Fri, 02 Aug 2002 13:30:15 GMT


Thanks for clarifying the concept betwennt attribute and property.

Please read below for the problem.

>> But when I use ${agentHelper.blocks} where the "blocks" is not an
>> attribute, I get an error message as:
>> An error occurred while evaluating custom action attribute "value"
>> with value "${agentHelper.blocks}": An error occurred while getting
>> property "blocks" from an instance of class ....
>It means that no "blocks" property was found -- either that no getBlocks()
>method was found, the getBlocks() method was unsuitable for another reason
>(e.g., accepting an argument, or having a setBlocks() method that doesn't
>correspond to it in data type), or a BeanInfo overrides it.

There is a method. getBlocks() in the class without taking any argument, but not "set" method.
I don't see anything 
wrong. Here is the related code:

public class MatchAgentHelper implements Serializable {

  	static private DBConnectionPool conn;
	private String hostID;

    	private MatchAgentDAO dao;

    	private int count = 2;
    	private int start = 0;

	 * Constructor for MatchAgentHelper.
	public MatchAgentHelper() {

	public MatchAgentHelper(DBConnectionPool conn) throws MatchAgentDAOSysException{
		if(this.conn == null)
			this.conn = conn;
		dao = new MatchAgentDAOImpl(conn);

    	public void setCount(String countString) {
       		 this.count = (new Integer(countString)).intValue();

    	public void setStart(String startString) {
        		if (startString != null) {
            			this.start = (new Integer(startString)).intValue();
        		} else {
            			start = 0;

	public void sethostID(String id) {
		this.hostID = id;
	public Page getBlocks() throws MatchAgentException {
		return getBlocksFromDAO(hostID, start, count, "");
	private Page getBlocksFromDAO(String Id, int start, int count, String localeString)
        		throws MatchAgentException {
         		Locale locale = getLocaleFromString(localeString);
		return dao.getBlocks(Id, start, count, locale);
    	private Locale getLocaleFromString(String localeString) {

And the followings is the related JSP page code:

<%@ taglib prefix="c" uri="/WEB-INF/tlds/c.tld" %>
<%@ taglib prefix="fmt" uri="/WEB-INF/tlds/fmt.tld" %>

 <c:when test="${param.count != null}">
  <c:set value="${param.start}" target="${agentHelper}" property="start"/>
  <c:set value="${param.count}" target="${agentHelper}" property="count"/>
  <c:set value="0" target="${agentHelper}" property="start"/>
  <c:set value="2" target="${agentHelper}" property="count"/>

<c:set value="${}" target="${agentHelper}" property="hostID"/>
<c:set value="${agentHelper.blocks}" var="pageResults" />

Thank for your help.


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