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From Shawn Bayern <>
Subject RE: using datasource
Date Mon, 05 Aug 2002 02:29:25 GMT
On Sun, 4 Aug 2002, The Kelley's wrote:

> I have never used JNDI.    I read the Tomcat docs but until I see an example
> using JSTL...... What I would give for one spoon fed example.
> Do I understand the JSTL in Action text correctly..
> The text However, the <sql:setDataSource> tag does not support
> connection pooling. It's not designed to do so. Instead, Java
> programmers who set up default databases for JSP pages have ample
> opportunity to set up their own pooling strategies. Doing so makes
> <sql:setDataSource> suitable only for applications where high
> performance isn't crucial. In particular, <sql:setDataSource> is great
> for small applications,
> That's why I bought the book to use with databases. Arg!!! Can I use
> JSTL with connection pooling? Doesn't sound like it. Tim

This just applies to the <sql:setDataSource> tag, which is intended mostly
for prototypes and small applications.  But you can make any DataSource
available in any of the scopes and then refer to it directly using the
expression language.  (Or see chapter 14 of "JSTL in Action" to see how to
set up a default DataSource object for all of your <sql:*> tags.)

Shawn Bayern
"JSTL in Action"

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