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From Thomas Colin de Verdière <>
Subject Re: set Collection size
Date Thu, 05 Sep 2002 16:55:17 GMT
But you can write a JavaBean Info. You define a property 'size' and you call its read method
size() which EL will find
(am i right or not)

David Geary wrote:
> Karr, David wrote:
>>> -----Original Message-----
>>> From: Hari Mukkala []
>>> Sent: Thursday, September 05, 2002 7:26 AM
>>> To: Tag Libraries Users List
>>> Subject: c:set Collection size
>>> I am trying to get the size of a collection (ArrayList) and
>>> use in  c:set ex:
>>> <c:set var="total" value="${list.size}/>
>>> The error I am getting is:
>>> The "." operator was supplied with an index value of type 
>>> "java.lang.String" to be applied to a List or array, but that value 
>>> cannot be converted to an integer
>>> What is the correct way to get the size value.
>> This question comes up a lot, and it probably will continue to do so.
>> The JSTL expression language allows you to access JavaBeans 
>> properties, not
>> arbitrary instance variables or methods.  This will change over time, but
>> for now, you'll have to use scriptlets, or perhaps your own custom tags.
> It *might* change over time. Currently, the JSTL expression language 
> (EL) does not allow willy-nilly method access; however, the EA version 
> of JSP2.0 does for the moment. But there's no guarantee that the EL 
> (which will be incorporated into JSP2.0) will continue to allow direct 
> method access, other than JavaBeans-compliant setter and getter methods.
> For now, you can use the JSTL runtime libraries if you need to invoke 
> methods other than JavaBeans-compliant setter and getter methods; see my 
> other reply in this thread.
> david

Thomas Colin de Verdière

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