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From "Caleb Haye" <>
Subject RE: Is there tools for Jsp development ?
Date Tue, 03 Sep 2002 19:18:59 GMT
The answer is simple: IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA is a full-featured Java IDE with a high level of usability and outstanding advanced
code editing and refactoring support.

Check the features:
Easy to use interface 
Specially designed for fast work with the keyboard. 100% of features available without using
the mouse. 
All shortcuts are customizable 
Convenient multi-pane layout with easy switching between panes 
Easy navigation to any view 
Editing  Java, JSP, XML, HTML and text files editing with syntax highlighting 
Customizable editor colors and fonts 
Advanced CodeCompletion (3 different types) 
Import Assistant - helps to automatically insert import statements while typing the code 
Quick Override/Implement methods 
Auto-indentation of pasted text 
Insertion of necessary imports on copying code fragments between files 
Highlighting of common syntax errors in editor 
Live Templates 
Quick code commenting/uncommenting (both block and line comments) 
Parameter Info (brief information about the method's parameters, while the caret is inside
the brackets) 
Auto-indentation of closing brace 
Matching braces highlighting 
Code-generation  Easy creation of new classes, interfaces, packages, etc 
Easy generation of getters, setters and class constructors 
Surrounding of selected code fragment with "try/catch", "if" and other constructs 
Creation of a copy of existing class 
Refactoring  Renaming of packages, classes, methods, fields, method parameters and local variables
with reference correction 
Moving of classes and packages, static fields and methods and inner-classes with reference
Intelligent super-fast usage search engine 
"Extract Method" code refactoring 
"Introduce Variable" code refactoring 
"Change Method Signature" code refactoring 
"Introduce Field" refactoring 
"Inline Method" code refactoring 
"Inline Local Variable" code refactoring 
"Replace Temp with Query" code refactoring 
"Extract Interface" code refactoring 
"Extract Superclass" code refactoring 
"Encapsulate Fields" code refactoring 
"Convert Local Variable to Field" code refactoring 
"Convert Anonymous Class to Inner" code refactoring 
Package/Class migration utility with reference correction 
JSP Support 

Navigation  Navigation to a class' source code by its name 
Quick navigation to declaration, type declaration or super method from the editor 
Navigation from the source code to a corresponding item in any view (Project View, Structure
View etc) 
Visual indication of overriding and interface methods in editor and Structure View 
Recent files list 
"Jump to Last Change" feature 
Search & Replace  Single-file search & replace with regular expressions 
Project-wide search & replace with regular expressions 
Project-wide usage search 
Single-file usage search 
Incremental search in editor 
Export of results of any search operation to a text file / clipboard 
Code style  Rich set of code style preferences 
Powerful code formatter 
Import optimizer (sorting imports, removing unnecessary imports, etc) 
JavaDoc  Popup browser window with JavaDoc 
Opening external browser with JavaDoc for any element 
JavaDoc generation 
Version Control  CVS integration 
Visual SourceSafe integration 
Running/Debugging  Ability to run/debug application, applets, remote processes 
Multiple execution profiles 
Navigation to source from exception stack traces in console 
Colored output in console 
Debugger  Fast and powerful debugger with convenient user interface 
Remote debugging 
Step Over, Step Into, Step Out, Run to Cursor 
Powerful expression evaluation 
Variable modification 
Field modification/access watchpoints 
Method entry/exit breakpoints 
Exception breakpoints 
Conditional breakpoints 
Tooltips with variable values right in the editor 
Ability to export threads state to a text file 
Tools  Ant integration 
JUnit integration 
External tools support 
Export to HTML 

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