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From "Gisella Saavedra" <>
Subject RE: extending JSTL
Date Tue, 03 Sep 2002 04:33:19 GMT
	thank you for the information.  I've got your book in e-format.
	It has been very useful.


The query should return 0 rows.  But:
I get NO errors for the query.  
I get the rendered text "Some rows." and
no value for "Rows retrieved=".

This is my code (there is redundancy because I was trying to
trace the value of rowCount):

<c:catch var="queryError" >
        <sql:query var="hdf" scope="session" maxRows="100">
          SELECT CONVERT(char(12), orderDate, 100) dOrderDate,
               CAST(MCVisaSum AS decimal(16,2)) dCVisaSum, 
               CAST(DiscoverSum AS decimal(16,2)) dDiscoverSum,
               CAST(AMEXSum AS decimal(16,2)) dAMEXSum,
               CAST((MCVisaSum + DiscoverSum + AMEXSum) 
			AS decimal(16,2)) dTOTAL
          FROM v_dailyFlash
          WHERE orderTypeCode = ?
          AND customerCode = ?
          <sql:param value="${param.orderType}"/>
          <sql:param value="${sessionScope.consultantCode}"/>
      <c:if test="${not empty queryError}">
        <p>Sorry, it seems that this is not an acceptable query.
           <c:out value="${queryError.message}" /></p>
      <c:when test="${hdf.rowCount == 0}">
        <c:out value="No rows." />
        <c:out value="Some rows." />
   <p>Rows retrieved=<c:out value="${hdf.rowCount}" /></p>

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