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From "Steve Bang" <>
Subject RE: Taglib and Dreamweaver Mx
Date Thu, 10 Oct 2002 17:38:29 GMT
To add a support for a custom tag library into Dreamweaver MX, there are a
few simple steps:

1) Click Edit > Tag Libraries ...
2) In the Tag Library Editor dialog, under Tags click on the plus (+) icon.
3) In the drop-down list, choose JSP > Import from file (*.tld,*.jar,*.zip).
4) In the Import from file dialog window, you need to fill in three fields: 
   a) File (you can click on the Browse button to point to a TLD file or
   b) URI  (auto-fills after File is defined)
   c) Prefix (auto-fills after File is defined)
5) Click OK
6) Back in the Tag Library Editor dialog, click on the folder representing
the tag library you just imported, then check the box for JSP in the "Used
In:" selection list.  Note: If you forget to check this, then the tags will
not available in your JSP pages.

Very simple --- but there's one warning:  If you attempt to import multiple
tag libraries (like the ones in the JSTL standard.jar file), the import will
fail.  What you need to do instead is to individually import each TLD file.
In the Jakarta Standard Taglib (JSTL), the available TLD files are available
loose.  Alternatively, if you only have a JAR file and no loose TLD files,
you could unzip the JAR, extract the individual TLD files, and then import
the individual tag libraries.

Once imported, the tags are available in Tag Hints drop-down menus that
appear as you begin entering a tag on a page.  And, in the Code panel, all
of the avaialable tag attributes appear in the Tag Inspector list.  You can
add or modify tag attributes either directly in the code view or in the Tag
Inspector list.

The most common user error will be forgetting to add taglib directives at
the top of a JSP page for each tag library used on that page.  Without
taglib directives, the JSP compiler will ignore the tags and treats them
like unknown tags (i.e., it ignores them).


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Laurent Quérel []
> Sent: Thursday, October 10, 2002 10:06 AM
> To:
> Subject: Taglib and Dreamweaver Mx
> Is it easy to integrate taglib in Dreamweaver MX ?
> -          integration of tld file ?
> -          integration of icon for each tag ?
> -          rendering ?
> Thanks 
> Laurent Quérel

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