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From Pierre Delisle <>
Subject Re: Questions on JSTL...
Date Wed, 27 Nov 2002 22:03:36 GMT

John Engilis wrote:
> I've attempted to use 2 tags that appear as though they were suppose to be
> included in the core tld's (c.tld or c-rt.tld) that don't seem to be present
> in my current version:
> <c:declare>
> <c:expr>
> These are the versions we're currently using:
> TOMCAT 4.1.12
> JSTL (Standard Tag Library) 1.0.2

These two tags existed only when JSTL was in Early Access.
They have been deprecated since.

   <c:declare> --> use <jsp:useBean> instead
   <c:expr> --> use <c:out>

You should get the final version of the JSTL spec at Or better, consider getting
a book on the topic. There are excellent ones out there.

> These are the url's that referrence these tags:

These papers covered early access releases of JSTL.

> Any information regarding this would be greatly appreciated.  Also, if you
> have any information or know of any resources on doing connection pooling
> using taglibs.

The JSTL 'sql' tags have been designed to work with DataSource objects. 
The DataSource objects provide the connection pooling behavior to keep it 
transparent to a page author.

Setting up a DataSource with connection pooling is a task normally handled
by a "back-end" developer. You may want to check the DBCP component in 
the commons project at jakarta (
It provides connection pooling.

    -- Pierre

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