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From Thomas Colin de Verdière <>
Subject Re: ?? Using Taglib JARs Across Multiple Contexts ??
Date Tue, 10 Dec 2002 16:21:57 GMT
This works great for me.
But it the web.xml you don't have to put the tag <taglib> since you're in JSP 1.2
and you must strictly reference URI within your TLD in your JSP page.

Tony LaPaso wrote:
> Hello all,
> Although I'm using Tomcat v4.1.12 with Apache's JSTL Taglib, this issue
> really applies to *all* taglibs, not just JSTL:
> I'm finding that if I have several webapps (i.e., several Contexts), all
> using JSTL, I need to replicate the taglib JARs (jstl.jar and standard.jar)
> to the "WEB-INF/lib" directories of *each* webapp using JSTL. Of course,
> this means that each webapp loads its own copy of the classes contained in
> those JARs. That seems a bit wasteful.
> I would much rather put the JARs in a common directory, (e.g., Tomcat's
> "common/lib") thereby allowing all webapps to share the same JARs.
> Unfortunately, this technique does not work. When I move the JARs to
> Tomcat's "common/lib" directory I receive an error when I try to run a JSP
> containing a JSTL tag. The error message indicates the JAR (jstl.jar) cannot
> be found.
> My TLD resides in "\WEB-INF". I do *not* have <taglib> elements in web.xml.
> One suggestions I received was to include <taglib> elements in web.xml but
> that will not work since the <taglib-location> element cannot refer to a
> location outside the current context.
> Does anyone have an idea about this -- how to share taglib JARs across
> contexts?
> Thanks...
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Thomas Colin de Verdière

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